Finally Bringing Comfort To Cycling

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Finally Bringing Comfort To Cycling

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Finally Bringing Comfort To Cycling

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Finally Bringing Comfort To Cycling

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The PhysioSaddle Difference

There's a reason our saddle has been ridden in 2 successful world record attempts, but you don't have to take our word for it, Joe Lawhorn will tell you all about it!

The PhysioSaddle

The last saddle you will ever ride!

  • Anatomically Correct

    Designed by cyclists and Physical  Therapists 

  • Improved Comfort

    Designed to alleviate pressure points and neurovascular compression

  • Lightweight

    Built on Titanium rails weighing in at 238 grams

  • Tested and Approved

    Ridden for 2 world records and in RAAM, Dirty Kanza XL, and The Crusher

  • Check out those curves!

    Our body has curves, it only makes sense that our saddle should as well

    comfortable bike seat
  • Backed by Research

    Ongoing heat and pressure mapping research is being performed to validate our design

  • World Records!

    The PhysioSaddle has been the saddle of choice for 3 World Ultra Cyclnig World Records!


" I could ride all day and all night on the Edge PhysioSaddle. Oh wait, I did! I had a blast riding over 400 miles in 24 hours at the Bike Sebring RAAM qualifier in Florida. Staying comfortable was a must to keep me on the bike and moving forward"

"I had suffered a lot on the saddle and I thought it was part of the game. But not now and the credit goes to the Physiosaddle, which seems to be a perfect saddle for me. I remember the days of my 1st Ultra Spice Race of 1000 km in 2017 where I was riding standing for the last 100 km. The journey till now had been with lot of learnings and this seems to be the best one. It’s no doubt the best saddle I’ve ridden on to date”

I enjoy cycling primarily for fun and fitness but unfortunately the fun can be lost on an uncomfortable saddle. I've spent hours in pain on my bicycle and lots of money trying to alleviate that pain. But all of that changed when my wife bought me an Edge Cycling Technologies Physiosaddle as a gift for Christmas 2019.